mad, bad, and luxembourg

Spending a lot of time with Oona Balloona this week, and going a little nuts in the process, as she has not quite found a pair of listening ears that fit properly. Negative choices will only get you so far (Well, here are your choices: you can put your shoes on or you can have a time out. You pick.), and it's difficult to stay aggravated with someone who gives such good hugs.

* * * * *
Free couch on the street this morning. Also, unfortunately, a wet couch. I would like to see a study for the success rate of giving away furniture on the street after a rain. In places like Montreal it doesn't seem to matter, as there's this whole relentless street economy going on. In the neighbourhoods where I lived in Winnipeg -- old buildings, rental rich -- people tended to just take their unwanted furniture and dump it in the alley.

* * * * *
Mailing a book to Luxembourg today. I wonder what the free-furniture protocol is there? I think I'll tuck in a drawing of a chair.


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