labour day, fatale

Labour Day long weekend, as if the name meant anything. People hate unions now, because the idea of wealth without prosperity has finally won out. Friday morning generous and cool with long breezes off the lake, but then downtown in the afternoon it's a heat sink, sticky and choking. Summer can end now, thank you. An otherwise normal-looking girl at the library, only she's wearing a winter scarf like a fashion accessory, and using the pay phone(!), saying, ... and he said it looked like I'd had six kids and then he was like, there's one missing, and I didn't even know what he was talking about. On Saturday Oona, C and I go for a bike ride up in Rideau Heights, with Oona as mom's passenger. The area has a fairly scorched look, with a few hopeless trees. Amidst the lack of shade, the dress code is largely the same as our own neighbourhood, perhaps with less drunkenness and more shirtlessness, and accents of armloads of broken-looking electronics. Cabs feature prominently. There are no Queen's students up here, but the few in our own neighbourhood stick out badly; they can carry cases of beer all they want but grooming and timely dental care give it away every time. This is the weekend before school starts, and they're all moving in, the liquor store downtown overflowing with mother-daughter teams, so many parents walking around with their kids, it's startling to me that people do this, all this hand-holding. On the other end of the spectrum are our new neighbours across the alley, who aren't just rough -- they're like the scarred veterans of some war that no one ever heard of. LAY THE **** DOWN, RIGHT NOW, the mother screams at her kid, a toddler who counters with things like I just want to be with you, mommy. And *of course* they have giant dogs, in cages, and *of course* the dogs are half-crazy, and *of course* there's an ongoing feud with some other dog owners up the lane, and out of six or seven people involved in the whole story maybe one works, and when he comes home he's *really* angry.

On Sunday we escaped to a whale exhibit up in Ottawa. Whales are strange creatures, made stranger still by how little we know about them. Listening to their various sounds, you suddenly realize how much is borrowed by directors of horror and science fiction movies.

I've been having a lot of headaches lately. This seems to happen, these clusters, a few times a year. They go along the lower jaw and then the upper jaw and then bury themselves somewhere in the centre of my skull. Good times, especially at 2:30 in the morning. Also, somehow, my sinuses are involved.

Also, when you don't get any sleep, it's quite easy to throw your back out.

Also, I've been drawing femme fatales, in packets of four.


  1. I've been having a lot of headaches lately too. But I have to say, I don't do anything as wonderful as drawing femme fatales. I just lie around, sighing, and saying "Woe is me" a lot. I'm a bit lame really.

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