it always ends like this

only you, acrylic inks on paper, 8 x 5 inches.

* * * * *

I just spent the better part of a week alone with my three year-old, my mother, my older brother, and a sporadic but vengeful toothache/headache, culminating in two trips to the dentist in two days. Just how crazy do you think I am right now?

• Super crazy, with super-crazy-glue powers.

• Temporary crazy, according to any decent lawyer.

• Only slightly crazy, but with psychotic frosting.

• Deep blue crazy, because it was there all along, like that helicopter that's always followed me, everywhere I go.

• Crazy for you.

• New-resident-but-only-renting-in-Crazy-Town crazy

• All-aboard-the-Dinosaur-I-mean-Crazy-Train crazy.

• More-Goofy-Greats-than-Looney-Tunes crazy.

• Crazy but in a come-on-down-for-the-crazy-deals-this-weekend kind of crazy.

Hey, give me your own answer. Between what I get here and on Facebook, I'll do a draw for the above drawing. I'll even mail it to you. How crazy is that?

* * * P O S T S C R I P T * * *

I don't think I made it clear enough, so I'll be more direct this time: this is a CONTEST/DRAW, for a FREE DRAWING, and all you have to do is leave a comment, although preferably something snappy about being crazy. Thanks!


  1. You are crazy like a fox. (A slightly tarnished fox that roots through suburban garbage, but still...)

  2. Now that's crazy!

  3. as a political pundit says.."batcrapcrazy"...that would describe you and me too!

  4. as crazy as me -stood up by my imaginary friend yet again !

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