i hate the songs but the music makes me sick

I think every person, every morning, should have to sit down in front of a computer simulation that shows how they will age, how their face will change over time, how they will wither, and shrink, until they die. Not only would it provide us each an overwhelming sense of insignificance -- and then, by extension, humility and compassion -- but the net impression, hammered home, would be one of being defeated.

Strangely, and from a wildly different route, I received the same impression from watching the documentary Inside Job last night. I mean, we all know that the system veers between senseless and corrupt, and certainly the curtain has now been pulled back enough on the economy for most people to see that the financial services sector is a shit-house, stinking with fat lizards, with the vacant and depraved, who actually produce nothing of value and still receive all the system's rewards, playing games like fires, but the truly demoralizing part comes with how seemingly unstoppable the bastards are, even after Obama came to office, with all his earnestness and promises, and how easily the rest of us accept the roles of the beaten.


  1. When I think of myself aging, growing old and withering away, and then not existing.. it is incredibly humbling. It's a lot how I felt when I took my astronomy class--- it's scary to see how small we are, how small the world is, how easily it can all just end. Sorry if that's off topic. I was actually talking about this with a friend yesterday-- how small everything really is.


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