you don't know me

Standing on the back deck last night, in that deep humidity, listening to some couple, somewhere in the dark, mostly her voice coming through, through some window from which house or apartment I could not tell, her saying You don't know me, you don't know me, over and over again, making me wince, but then I thought why not, it was as good a thing to say or yell as anything, and despite being a cliché it was even mostly true, no one really knowing anything about anyone else, all of us constantly being amazed at how clever, stupid, deep, shallow, capricious and caring people are, and how easily they can be subverted, and made to make mistakes, just rush them or stand over them or criticize them or distract them, or even better pretend to know them, and get a good fight going, and then stick the knife right in.

I'd really like it to rain today.


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