only had a heart

It's the Canada Day long weekend! What do I feel about Canada Day? Not much. And I think that's entirely the point. I once heard Ricky Gervais say that he could watch England compete at almost anything, that he'd always stop and watch and cheer and want desperately for England to win. Whereas I only cheer for Canada in sports where we're not supposed to win. Never hockey, for example. Because the chest-thumping morons don't need any encouragement. Because chest-thumping (and -- hopefully -- moronic behaviour) isn't very Canadian.


  1. It's Canada Day here too on the east coast of Vancouver Island. I'm not feeling much, except raindrops falling on my head today. No fireworks in Nanaimo, we had them for the Queen's bd. I've always cheered for the BC Lions but avoid the Canucks. Happy long weekend to you.


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