kings and queens

O god, everyone loves a parade, don't they? Everyone except me that is, who must have something leaking from his fun chromosome (just this weekend C called me "gloomy"), although I do get a bit righteous about it when certain overgrown parades -- for nothing more than celebrating someone filling a job posting for which there were no other candidates -- cost 1.3 billion pounds. Jesus. Some solace to be had from the Stanley Cup playoffs, which have been infinitely more enjoyable this year, mostly because there are no Canadian teams left (and thus many happy weeks of not having to hear the phrase "Canada's team"), but also because the teams that did advance were exactly the kind of teams that NHL headquarters fears and loathes, as in small market or no market, revealing the whole production for what it is, which is professional athletes playing for a trophy that is meaningless outside of the sport. Go Kings!


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