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cigar-tin story #131; in the shop, (with all that other stuff)
* * * * *
End of the university year, for days everywhere I walk downtown there are parents parked illegally halfway up the sideway, stacking boxes into trucks or little trailers, students always kids looking like kids taking broken chairs a little ways down the street, it's like garbage day times ten and then run, of course it's gloomy what do you expect, with its minute or two of rain, just spitting, here and there.

You walk around stuff. More boxes and detritus, dish drainers and grimy binders and dressers missing one leg. Blue boxes everywhere, whole trails of dropped ideas. Across the street from my daughter's daycare, someone has spray-painted "MEGAHITS" in pink fluorescent on a white garage door.

Actually Oona and I are walking almost every day now, about six blocks to "school", two-and-a-half and deep into the repeating-every-thought-and-sensation phase,
I see people
I see people
I see people
I see people there.
And she'll never ever ever stop until you confirm or deny it,
I heard that noise
I heard that noise
I heard that noise
Did you hear that noise?
One morning early, Sunday morning early not even 7:30 and this middle-aged guy comes coasting along on his bike, down the middle of the street, I don't think he sees me ducking under trees by the sidewalk because he's singing away, singing away loud
just like the white winged dove...
sings a song...
sounds like she's singing...
ooo baby... ooo... said ooo...
and I stare right at him not only because it's fucking embarrassing but I'm wondering, what *is* that song?


  1. another great post. I love this cigar tin..and Batman burning is awesome...seriously


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