lights going out

I've been making these art cards, these blank postcards I call illuminated art cards, 6.5 x 5 inches, textured card stock on the one (message) side and a kind of gloss laminate on the other (I won't bore you with the mechanics/process). Anyway, I always include one or two in anything sold from the shop.

In other news: I'm feeling a bit tired these days, possibly near empty, a little burnt out. A small backlog of things to post and share, but probably veering (like a car, towards the ditch) in the direction of a break in the next few weeks, maybe for the summer, maybe longer.

Have a good long weekend (Canadians).


  1. Your art cards are all amazing! You've been busy.
    Have a good long weekend too! Afternoon naps are part of my plans for this weekend.

  2. A bit of summer hibernation sounds good to me. I might just try some of the winter version :)

  3. i have four posts at my blog just half made. what is it this time of year when blogging becomes just weird. i would miss your posts here. and the art. love these cards. so hey. if you need a break, i'll understand.

  4. Those cards are beautiful!


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