two toonies two

I found two toonies on my way to the studio this morning. Right beside each other, like discarded eyes. I found them as I crossed the parking lot behind Shopper's. They were next to something orange and exploded (vomit? poutine with cheese? a butternut squash dropped from space?) so they got a wash in soap and warm water before being pocketed. While I was at it I washed my keys, which is an old habit from my days working at a mental hospital.

I once found a crisp twenty-dollar bill at the bottom of an otherwise empty dryer. I once found another twenty at the back of a bus -- I had to clamp my foot over it until everyone else looked away. I once even found an entire wallet full of money but I was a stupid (well, more stupid) kid at the time and I turned it over to my parents -- who promptly returned it to its owner. Who did not give me a reward. Lesson learned!

Speaking of ingesting failure, I have a little essay on the subject here.


  1. ok so what is a toonie?

  2. did you buy yourself a coffee?


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