the songs we hear and how we hear them

I'll admit it: I've always been a bit confused by the Titanic thing. Never even seen the movie. And then lately all this stuff about the band, how incredibly brave they were, playing 'til the end. I have no doubt. But I still don't understand why this particular disaster, with 1 523 fatalities, is the standard for maritime tragedy.

There were 9 343 men, women, and children who died on the Wilhelm Gustloff. Yes, some of these people were bad guys (read: guys wearing German uniforms) but the vast majority were civilians/refugees (including about four thousand children) fleeing from the advancing Red Army. If you're being objective, and you just want straight-up tragedy, then this one has sorrow all to hell: a crammed vessel torpedoed by a Soviet submarine, people trampled and crushed in the panic, freezing waters, thousands trapped inside the sinking ship.

At night.

Still, I guess some stories just have better background music.


  1. omg..didn't know whether to laugh or cry. What background music could you use for such a horrible event?

  2. Perhaps one of the reasons that Titanic creates such response if the recognition of the hubris involved in its planning,publicity. And then, it failed. Just a thought.


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