an open letter from the last person in the world who has not read The Hunger Games

First of all: I'm sorry. I didn't know. In fact, it didn't even cross my mind until I overheard two yoga moms talking about it in Chapters the other day ...
Oh, I really enjoyed the whole series. Even Jordan read them!
Fuck. Even Jordan. That little bastard. Then a friend of ours explained the whole concept to me, all District 12-this and ultra violence-that. I said that I was always impressed by any writer who can successfully pull off a working dystopia. And I meant it; I spend at least half my time in writing group listening to people say, I don't get it. I think you need to explain this more. It was also nice to see my friend so enthusiastic about a book, to see her so happy to have found a readable book for her book club. So I nodded to that as well (fuck you Can Lit). Later on, however, her baby coughed directly into my mouth, as if to say, Fraud! Nod all you want, but you didn't read those Stieg Larsson or Harry Potter books either! 'Tis true, I choked, mostly on all those baby germs. What the hell is wrong with me? Can I redeem myself with some Pick a Path to Adventure books? No? Why the hell not? What do you mean those are kids books?


  1. Just for the record, those weren't book club books....I had to sneak those books in between, much more respectable, book club books. So yeah, fuck you Can

  2. holy cow...I had never heard of Hunger Games until the movie came out, I have not read the Harry Potter books..although I did see the first few movies, I never saw the Titanic movie, But I did read a Larsson book. I don't know if that is enough to keep me from banishment to a remote part of the cosmos..but oh well..I have read a Berg though!!!!

  3. a Berger book..why my computer fails to understand that I really want those last letters to show up...

  4. I thought I was the only person who hadn't read THG's - it just didn't sound very interesting - sigh - and I think I was the only person who hated the Forrest Gump movie - obviously if there was a book I didn't read that either. I must have some bad DNA....


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