not discarded

My friend Fern has started a fun art-sharing project (or experiment even) called discard, where you swap out artwork from pockets (like the kind that used to be in the back of library books, about a million years ago) that have been put up in public places. She sent me two such pockets; one I placed at the street-level entrance to my studio (good shelter in the doorway, on a busy street, access to other artists) and the other one I'm sending to a thoughtful girl in Norway. These things are going all over the world!


  1. Oh. Thank you Berger.
    I knew I could count on you.

  2. How inspired:) I love it!

  3. I love this too..funny I was thinking and hoping to find some of those library pockets for some projects

  4. this post has served as a kick in the tuchus for me. thanks


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