half the known world

Berrien County, Michigan July 1940; John Vachon, 1914-1975, photographer; Part of Farm Security Administration – Office of War Information Photograph Collection (Library of Congress)

The uniform changes, the posturing doesn't.

And in this case there were two guys.

These two guys, two older guys, walking along at seven in the morning, they both have takeaway coffees and they both have that look that has become a kind of deplorable uniform for the margin crawlers these days, undone shoes and baggy pants and layers of coats and (most importantly) the hooded sweatshirt, or hoody (in Saskachewan in the 80's we called it a bunny hug), with the hood worn up and, if you're really hard, then a ball cap underneath that. And these two guys are talking loudly, half shouting over each other, the one says, No way, every time she's with me she's all dolled up, saying *dolled* like it's just *grand*, and it is, because these guys are somewhere between forty and four thousand, and it's seven in the morning and the going is nowhere, all fucking day, because where would they have to go, guys like these two, but they're walking and talking like they own at least half the known world.


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