getting to know you

getting to know you; mixed media on canvas, 8 x 8 x 1.5 inches. In the shop.

* * * * *

Oona and I have started walking to 'school' (read: daycare) in the morning, trying it on a few times a week to start. It's good for her (there is no stroller in her three or four year-old future anyway, full stop), good for both of us and I have to admit to being melted a bit by that little hand in mine. And then we talk about what we see, about scurrying cats and scrambling squirrels and biker guys out walking their giant dogs. As we cross the street I get her to look out for cars as well and this morning there was one sitting way off down the way, with its lights on but not moving, and Oona thought it was thinking and then maybe sad and could possibly use a blanket.

* * * * *

The clouds of midges (at least I call them midges) have arrived, seemingly early this year, but in their clouds and sticking and dying in my eyes and hair and ears nonetheless. I have to shake my coat out once I get to work. This will go on for about two weeks, and then suddenly they'll be gone.

* * * * *

Listening to the radio this morning, it occurred to me as odd that this economic crisis keeps bubbling along, here and there, with no end in sight, and while it was caused by speculation in the financial sector, and this is widely acknowledged now, it seems to be the state (read: the people) who are paying all the costs: greed in the markets leading to meltdowns leading to bailouts and sovereign debt and plummeting economies leading to governments laying people off. And everyone seems to (more or less) know this, too. And while I'd like to report that you and I and everyone we know are outraged about this, and holding their governments to account, this only seems to happen when it affects all the fish in the same tank (read: Greece), by which point the rest of the world doesn't care (read: Ireland), and otherwise it's just a case of everyone thinking as long as it's not me and that's just the way it is, because you can't argue with the market, it's the market that creates all the jobs, don't you see?


  1. maggie jean9:21 am :

    the heart-warming story of the little country that could (fire their government and arrest their bankers on criminal charges). Never made national news anywhere in particular. Wonder why not? Guess that's 'just the way it is.'

    Also, they're mayflies, I think. Midges bite.

  2. don't get me started on the sheeple who think this debacle won't affect them..that said, your walks with Oona sound like the perfect antidote to world messes. I got a new bicycle for my birthday from my oldest son. I rode it yesterday at the risk of all the neighbors wondering what a fat old gray haired woman was doing on a white and pink cruiser..but I was so able to see the clouds, trees and flowers better than from the car! Almost as good as having a baby along to point out the poor car that needs a blanket!


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