drawing fire

Twenty above Friday after work, walked home in a t-shirt, drank beer with C and "Uncle Nicky" on the back deck. Then Saturday went wet and sideways, cold rain in sprays. One, two, three degrees. Of course Oona skipped her nap and opted for afternoon mentalism, so I took her walking to my studio, where we warmed up and stretched the acceptable limits of art. Sunday was even colder, in a slightly deader and drier way. This then this morning we have snow, and the wind a riot.

Speaking of riots, and cities that make me wince, there must have been plenty of sticky tears in Vancouver last night, as a small team with no guts (and an ill-timed scoring drought) went down in five games. To Los Angeles. Never "Canada's team", and glad to see them go. And a pleasant surprise to see the Penguins vaporized as well, even to such an unlikeable team as Philadelphia (the hockey equivalent of your retarded cousin), because now I don't have to hear endless reports on the status of Sid the Kid. Florida, L.A., St.Louis, Phoenix, Nashville ... I can almost hear the collective heads of NHL's front office exploding.

Also (probably) exploding today: Alberta. Can you imagine yourself driving down to the polling station, standing in line, getting your ballot, going behind the little stand and marking an 'x' for something called ... The Wildrose Alliance? What, the Rebel Alliance couldn't field enough candidates? This promises to provide me with *so* much mirth for years to come. Bring on the firewall!


  1. Anonymous6:30 am

    Maybe you should just stick to the literature and doodles. You obviously know very little about hockey, or politics.


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