at the No Frills on Saturday night

At the No Frills on Saturday night; everyone seemed in a hurry; yet these were not the kind of people who seemed to hurry for anything; I soon found out why; the store was closing in five minutes; people rushed around; looking like leaky balloons; people yelled at each other; a very old man in a tattered suit raised his voice to the cashier; he'd already given a charitable donation two times this week; and asked two more times on top of that; and why did everyone think he was a millionaire; when I got up to the checkout, the cashier was relieved when I nodded 'fine' to the same request; it's awkward for everyone, I said; as I packed my groceries, a soft-spoken wide-eyed woman told me that she had forgotten potatoes, and now she couldn't make Shepherd's Pie; why do people talk to me?; I certainly wouldn't talk to me; in the nearly empty parking lot, some guy in a truck was playing the Eagles really, really loud.


  1. i like the one sentence approach.


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