you bring the rack, i'll bring the ruin

Sometimes I think the whole thing is too rotten to stand. Because what do we have? 350 million North Americans with almost 90% of the world's wealth (don't talk to me about Mexico -- that's like purgatory with piñatas). An entire culture predicated on everybody wanting everything all the time. And no idea about dessert, other than I deserve it. We live in the most privileged society that has ever existed and yet all the (dying) bookstores are spilling with self-help titles, all because the (dying) middle class can't manage its own money. Or stop eating. And all our debates are about our neighbours getting away with something, or getting something for nothing, while the various star chambers use hundred dollar bills to stuff their pillows and dream only the sweetest dreams that only the born rich can know.


  1. Very true words, I often feel I have no place to feel unhappy because compared to many I live like a king: a nice home to live in, plenty of food, friends and family.

    But I'm taking on a big charity project to help give something to those less fortunate, we've all got to try right?

    Best Wishes,


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