More Oona art, and your guess is as good as mine. Exploding rainbow? Music sheet for March of the Spastics? Bird-shit storm? Back-alley seizure? I haven't reviewed the daycare's activity sheet lately, but I'll have to check if Unsupervised Model Building With Let's-Get-High Glue is on there.

* * * * *
Oona and C are going through some weird Kirk-Spock thing right now, where it's all negotiations, ultimatums, grievances, demands and mind-melds. Last night C slept on the couch because Oona kept calling for her (Mommy here, mommy here). Meanwhile, I was fast asleep. Why didn't you just tell her to shut the hell up? I wanted to ask, but didn't, because I wanted to get out the door in one piece.

* * * * *
Recently I told a friend of mine that fear is an essential parenting tool and she just looked at me the way suburban girls look at homeless people in front of Target -- that screwed-up face, I wish the world was just glitter kind of way.


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