fun weather storm days

Stupid crazy wet-on-wet weather the last two days, although yesterday was clearly the puncher of the class: sticky rain that turned into ice and then built on the ice already there and the sidewalks tunnels of hidden slickness or just puddles thick with broken ice churning and all it soaking heavy and dark. Burning tractor trailers on the 401. Then warmer throughout the day, and walking home from the studio late last night I was startled by the random crashing all around, slabs of ice sliding off roofs or tree branches just giving up, everything either bent or cracking. I took Oona to daycare in the rain this morning, but when I came out of her building it was suddenly big snow, like shredded paper.

I need to buy some proper rain pants.


  1. Great illustration, love the lines and texture

  2. Such strong lines you've used here to create such a delicate woman!
    I bought a down coat to wear in the snow but we just don't seem to be getting any......sigh!

  3. That is one crazy day! Sounds like Mother Nature is throwing a hissy fit.


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