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So many movies I've been meaning to write about. And then life happens. And winter! Fucking winter. So here's some mini-reviews.

Never Let Me Go
The class act of the bunch, like someone carefully folding a sweater and placing it across the back of a chair. A chair in gorgeous sunlight, and the saddest sweater you've ever worn.

Let Me In
The original Swedish version had excellent main characters and awfully weak secondary characters. This American remake fixes that, albeit with just slightly less charm (and a lot more 80's nostalgia).

Kid A
Do we deserve to escape our pasts? Maybe. Not.

The Headless Woman
C **loved** this movie, which is Argentinian with subtitles. I fell asleep.

Source Code
A watchable science fiction movie! It has Jake whats-his-face in it, and was directed by David Bowie's kid.

After Dark My Sweet
A noir movie where Bruce Dern is singularly creepy and Jason Patric is actually good. With Rachel Ward in wine-soaked decline.

The Ghost Writer
The real star of this movie is the house, which is a cross between the Kennedy Compound and the F├╝hrerbunker. Ewan McGregor is compelling, as always, although C's enjoyment of his nude scenes was tempered somewhat by her distaste for the film's director, Roman Polanski (otherwise known as "that horrible little dwarf").

You and Me and Everyone We Know
Worth it just for the poop scene.

The Town
Anyone from Boston is a thieving hoodlum, full stop. But hey, good on Ben Affleck for getting his career restarted.

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
Also saw the Swedish original, and thought it had more charm. But this American version is definitely bigger and slicker. Could it be anything else?

A lot of action (plus Michael Fassbender! apparently!) but otherwise just empty calories.

* * * * *

The quotation in the blog title is from Sam Shepard, apparently.


  1. After reading your log lines, I've decided Ghost Writer is the one to see. I'll leave the sad sweater on the sad chair, but will go for Tattoo. I liked the Swedish one very much. That guy who played the protagonist kicks it awfully well.
    My husband is reading the last of the three Tattoo books and milking it on the last fifty pages. I keep checking his progress, waiting for my turn.

  2. Winter sucks! When's spring?

  3. These reviews are so good. It's hard to nail a film in a few lines. :)

  4. I adored 'Never let me go' and 'Let me in' Both very melancholy yet lovely films. Thanks for these reviews, there's always another great film to add to my viewing list!

    Best Wishes
    Liam (New Follower)

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