contrapositive; acrylic inks on paper, 8.75 x 6.25 inches. In the shop.

* * * * *
Working on some new things.

Having given up on "good daddy", I've started to share with Oona the idea of "poor daddy". Poor daddy. Always trudging through the snow, taking Oona to daycare, or taking her home, and struggling with groceries, while carefree mommy drives around town, although mostly to the liquor store. Poor daddy. Carrying his coffee and lunch to work, while mommy goes through the drive-thru, and throws her trash in the baby seat. Poor daddy. Never any cash in his wallet because mommy takes it to go out with her friends, or buy jewellery.

Also: the idea that "mommy" is a ghost (to be honest, I have no evidence that she isn't a ghost). "Who's that coming in so late?" I'll ask Oona, as I'm getting her ready for bed. "Mommy here! Mommy here!" Oona will say. "Are you sure? Because it could be a ghost," I'll say. And so on. I'm sure the mommy-ghost hypothesis will come in handy later on, to explain a certain someone's regular absences from attending soccer games, swim class, etc.

* * * * *
In all things, we leave verification of their logical equivalence as an exercise.


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