cleaning out the fridge

Cleaning out the fridge on a Saturday morning is like holding a referendum on the food you eat:
was it worth it to make an entire 13x9 baking dish of string pie?(1)

why do I keep buying yoghurt for my wife's 'healthy' smoothies only to end up throwing half of it away, unopened and past the due date?(2)

why does celery have to come in such big bunches?(3)

what good is it to buy perogies if my wife's just going to eat all the sour cream anyway?(4)

does jam ever go bad?(5)
I'm constantly trying to course correct with my grocery decisions, because I hate making big batches of things only to see them become garbage a week later.

* * * * *

(1)Yes and no ... about three-quarters got eaten from the original supper plus taking it to work for lunch a few times.

(2)Because my wife likes to view her eating habits *optimistically*.

(3)Seriously -- I can *never* use it all.

(4)With ripple chips.

(5)It takes about a year (in the fridge).


  1. what is string pie?

  2. I learned something new again. Thanks!

  3. Fern: it's like lasagna, only with spaghetti. Would you like the recipe?


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