bear weekend

So yeah: Oona and I were on our own this weekend, while C was away at a Toastmasters jamboree (can you imagine?). Oona and I were fine. We made bears out of plasticine. We made the computer talk to us. We tortured Dora. We ate our weight in butter.

C came home on Sunday afternoon. That night, even though we were both exhausted and low-key (she watched tv while I read), I tried to stick close, ask her about her weekend -- you know, be *present*. Why are you talking so much? C asked. Could you just shut up for awhile?

Tonight she's going to be late getting home, as she has a manicure/pedicure appointment. But I'll be home in time for supper, she said. Although I don't what you're going to make because there's fuck all in the fridge. When are you going to do the grocery shopping?

Then tomorrow night I can't attend my writer's group because she has another Toastmaster's gig (she's the area governor, whatever that hell that means).

On Thursday I might get to go to my studio after work, but only if I make sure there's left-overs (or pizza) for the ladies' supper.

Oh, and I still have my fun cough/cold. God, your cough sounds terrible, C said last night, turning up the volume on the tv.


  1. "Sounds like someone's got a case of the mondays."


  2. Ba ha ha ha ha! Oh wait! First, your little one is such a cutiepatootie! How adorable is she with all those curls???!!!! Your description of the week with your other ladylove has me laughing partly because I've been there - or rather, my husband has been there, where you were. Your description sounds funnier than real life, though. You could write for sitcoms!

  3. Cool couples are the best ever! Love that pic of Oona on the sidebar.


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