what I watch when the person I'm watching the movie with doesn't want to watch (the movie)

Watched District 9 the other night. Thought C might half-like it because she has half-liked other science fiction stuff before (albeit randomly).

Boy was I wrong.

When C isn't interested in a movie you're watching, several things will happen, often all at the same time:
++ letting the cats in, then out, then in again, then out

++ talking to cats

++ anecdote time! with this movie, it was all sorts of information about the giant slag heaps of Johannesburg

++ getting up to go get snacks

++ eating snacks

++ complaining that I bought the wrong kind of dip

++ asking if there's anything (else) to drink in the house, and does it taste any good?

++ going to check on (snoring) Oona every five minutes

++ sleeping

++ snoring
I'd like to tell you if the movie was any good, or even what it was about (aliens? ghostbusters?) but there was too much going on around me to really pay attention.


  1. It's pretty much the same thing here.

  2. I saw this movie in the theater and really liked it. Sorry to hear about C not liking it. I get the same thing from my other half if he doesn't like the movie I picked. Hahahaaaa!

  3. That's funny! I loved this film-so funny yet serious. Have you seen 'Pontypool'? It is another film, like district nine, that sticks in my mind.
    Thanks for your visit today!

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