early theories of the universe

acrylic inks on old textbook (astronomy) paper

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There's a member of our writing group who is always bringing in poems about stars. Whenever she hands me a copy of her work, I ask, "Is this about stars?", and she usually laughs and says yes. Sometimes I'm even looking for the poem to be about something else, and I'm not quite getting it, and she'll say, "Nope, it's just about stars."

I guess if you're going to get lost in a subject, the cosmos is as good as anything. It has a certain ... vastness. And the language, while viscous in that blackly scientific way, is at the same time enigmatic and quite beautiful:
supernova remnant, accretion disk, event horizon, cepheld variable, chasma, faculae, gamma-ray, lunation, penumbra, right ascension.
So while the meaning sometimes escapes me (in poems the metaphors seem to come spinning at you in whole clusters), I'm learning to appreciate the musicality of the words themselves, and that is often more than enough.


  1. I once met an artist who painted only red chili peppers, I wonder if she's moved on to green or yellow now. Nice to have a focus.

    My (ex) tutor told me that if I concentrated on the musicality of poetry meaning would make itself apparent, I'm not sure I've found that to be so in all cases but it does make reading it feel less like a test.

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  5. I went through a star phase too. I've been told the space bit of my first book is boring, but years later, it's one of the few parts that doesn't make me cringe. Well, as badly : )

    Go Star Woman!



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