why i like this

Flickr is fairly groaning under the volume of naked girls, a great many of whom are submerged within the notion that they are creating 'art' (the rest are just sharing straight-up pornography, for whatever reasons). But mostly what you get is a lot of naked girls wearing antlers, naked girls in the cemetery, naked girls on the beach, naked girls in wheat fields, in the forest, in their bedroom, with a mirror, in an old car, smoking too much, etcetera, etcetera. So to see something original in the naked-girl genre is rather arresting. And this photograph does that with light and perspective. That's it. And with just those two elements, this girl becomes a tower of sinister mystery.

* * * * *
By the photographer April-Lea. You can see her flickr stream here, but I'll warn you that the content is adult.


  1. hahaha, yes. have you seen Put A Bird On It? i hold that a thin girl is the flickr equivalent of a bird.

  2. arresting indeed. nice

  3. That is a lovely photo, just been catching up and got lost in a maze of links ... how do we ever get anything done now we have this ... this web thing?

  4. So...I'm scrolling through "recent posts" and stop at this photo. Didn't even read what you wrote at first; it didn't matter. Hot. Excellent use of lighting of course, you're right.


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