free like greek


Those Greeks. Balking at the idea of decades of indentured servitude. To the banks! The good-natured, well-wishing, let's-have-a-hug banks. Ah, the banks. Don't they understand that bankers need love (read: all your money), too? Don't they understand that nothing (read: slavery, dreams, etc) is free? Unless, of course, it's money for the banks. Then it's totally free. Wheeeeee!!!
Also free is this 2012 laminated fridge-magnet calendar. Leave a comment below and I'll toss your name into a draw.

Plus, for all November and December, this calendar is included with every purchase from my shop.



  1. such a great drawing :) hope your having a good wednesday.

  2. I'm so pleased you used the correct word 'draw'.

    I've lost count of the number of sites who ask you to 'enter the drawer'.

    I wouldn't fit in a drawer, so I'm happy to enter your draw :)

  3. Anonymous6:24 pm

    Comment left. It is beautiful!

  4. luv !the calendar!!my fridge is gettin empty!

  5. I'm totally in a "drawer",

    the calendar is beautiful!

  6. Anonymous8:31 pm

    I thought I had commented on this. Double damn it.

    May I offer you a commint?


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