Come along, Dorothy. You don't want any of *those* apples.

I had a woman come up to me in the supermarket the other day. In fact, she came right up to me and said, "Gosh you're tall. You're so tall."

I looked down at her and smiled, and then waited for the inevitable request to get something off the top shelf. But she just turned and walked away.

I think she was carrying a box of beans.

* * * * *
I see my home-province brethren voted in droves for the Saskatchewan Party on Monday. Oh dear. The last time they went at it blindly like this, for Grant Devine's Progressive Conservatives in 1982, it eventually led to 13 Conservative MLAs and staffers being charged with expense account fraud, and the party imploded ... to reinvent itself as the Saskatchewan Party.

* * * * *
I didn't see the election results in real time because I was too busy watching Mel Gibson's The Edge of Darkness. I had to watch it alone; on a personality chart, C places Mel Gibson somewhere between Idi Amin and John Gotti. Personally, I consider Woody Allen to be at least twenty times the monster, and everyone seems to have forgiven him. But anyway: it wasn't a bad movie. Exactly medium, actually. Mel goes around exacting revenge. The end. And Ray Winstone was good.


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