Oona needs clothes. She's *supposed* to need 2T clothes but sometimes the size is 18-24 months because this kid never eats and therefore has no hips and little more than a chicken bum. So we all go out to the stores on Saturday morning. This is about buying clothes for Oona, I remind C.

BIG SALE (it's nearly always a big sale, everywhere these days) at Old Navy. For about $150, we get five pairs of pants, four pairs of socks, two pairs of pyjamas, a hat, a parka, some gloves, and some long-sleeved shirts.

At Winners, Oona and I wander around the toy section while mommy tries on coats. We test a championship wrestling belt that plays old-school red-dot animations on the buckle.

At the Sears furniture outlet (see how we're getting off target here?), I wonder about their choice of soft-rap jazz for the ambient music.

No, I am not buying a new couch today. Yes, I will think about it. Thank you.

At the mall, C wanders around wide-eyed in the new H&M store. The entire world is going flannel.

C wants to go for lunch but the clock has tick-tick-ticked down on the Oona Insane-o-Meter and she is simultaneously falling asleep and melting down. I pull the plug. On the way home, I talk to Oona in the rearview mirror and reach back with one hand to shake her leg and try to keep her awake -- the *very* worst thing is to let her have a fifteen-minute nap, because then she will be awake all day and crankier than Hitler.

C suggests that she could have a ten-minute nap in the car and that we could still go out for lunch. I picture Oona in the restaurant, throwing food and cutlery on the floor and screaming/whining at the serving staff. I think we'll just go home, I say.

At home, I get some lunch into Oona and then put her to bed.

For the next two hours, she refuses to nap.

Also, taking off our diaper is now a *lot* of fun, especially if it has poop in it.

C has her own nap while I hang with Oona, listening to her explanations as to why napping is passé. C sleeps well, no doubt dreaming about the new coat she got and the new couch (and maybe kitchen set) she still plans to get.


  1. Anonymous3:13 pm

    :-) Love shopping, Christian not so much. Apparently I need reminders as well. He is forever with a pen and piece of paper showing me the budget...not sure why?! :-/

  2. I love the way you (many parents) say "changing our diaper." The royal "we"? The trying-hard-to-be-non-accusatory "we"?

    Hope you eventually get some sleep yourself...


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