Uncommon Magic

Uncommon Magic: 30 Years of Writing from the Ban Righ Writers Group; edited by Christina; Upstart Press.

* * * * *

C will be launching a book this weekend at the writer's festival -- it's called Uncommon Magic and it's a selection of writing from past and present members of the Ban Righ Writer's Group, which has been kicking around for thirty years now. I did the artwork and design. For free. And it wasn't easy (just try to imagine the trickiness of that title, and if when you close your eyes you see a manuscript being pulled out of a hat, or a glowing manuscript, or cascading stars, then you're halfway there). Still, it turned out pretty well. Plus, I chose as my own contribution a story so difficult and dark and crazy that I almost wept to see it in print. Take that, national archives!

Anyway, if you're around at all on Saturday, you should come on down to the Holiday Inn between 5:30 and 6:30. It's a free event. C will also be selling copies at the grad club at Queen's afterwards, until 9 pm. Or you can just buy her a drink. Which she likes. A *lot*.


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