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cigar-tin story #123

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The top one percent of Americans now make about twenty-five percent of that country's income. That same one percent now controls about forty percent of the country's wealth (meanwhile, one in six Americans now live below the poverty line).

But guess what? Canada is catching up! A Conference Board of Canada study came out the other day, and it kindly explained how income inequality has been rising more rapidly in Canada since the 1990's. Yay! Thirty-three percent of all the new wealth created in Canada over the past two decades has gone to the top one percent of the population! Capital!

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I've also recently read that seventy-five percent of young Americans (17 to 24) are unsuitable for military service because they have failed to graduate from high school, have a criminal record or are physically unfit.

That could be our next goal!



  1. I suspect the majority of those unfit young Americans are the ones living below the poverty line. (Although math and percentages are not my strong suit.)

    I’m thinking we should steer our goals in another direction...

  2. Come to BC, check out the Navy, you'll see we're already meeting some of those numbers.

  3. you could try and out do us on the statistics for pay inequlity between men and women


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