pride goeth

I fell down some stairs on Friday. Actually, that's not very accurate, because I was going up at the time, and the falling was more forward and across -- I caught the top of my foot on a stair and then ... well, it became more of an aggravated stumble, I guess. And it was more embarrassing than anything else. All akimbo. And it usually wouldn't have amounted to much in the pain department, except the stairs were stone and I was wearing sandals. So I accomplished something just short of breaking my big toe, with lots of bruising and swelling to the front of my foot generally, and the last few days have been slow and awkward.

The other day I saw a guy fall out of a delivery truck. I was walking up Princess when I heard this awful sort of slapping crack right beside me, and I turned just in time to see him hit the pavement in a heap. And he was doing this terrible sort of quivering. I put down my bags and went over to him, but the guy he was working with (they were unloading boxes) was faster, so I just stood there for a minute while they figured it out. He got up and started walking around in limping little circles, and while I think he'll have some pretty good bruises, especially on his hip, he seemed okay. One of the few times I wished I had a cell phone.

My mom fell a few months ago. In the parking lot of a Dairy Queen, of all places. Broke things at the shoulder bad enough to have a bone poke through. It's more or less healed now, and she does her little exercises, but it's not quite the same either, and my older brother teases her about her weak, baby arm.

I knew a guy who fell off a ladder and had his eye pop out. I always wondered if he could see out of it, at the time, and what things looked like.

So the next time you fall, or stumble, or just having a bad day, you can say to yourself, "Well, at least my eye didn't pop out."


  1. And what a comfort that would be!
    I’ve often wondered if people who’ve been beheaded (Anne Boleyn comes to mind) have a few seconds in which they might be able to see & think after being parted from their bodies. Gruesome, huh?

  2. oh man that story was OK until you freaked me out completely at the end with the eyeball thing, ugh!!

  3. insert Nelson laugh here --> Ha! Ha!

  4. I'm known as "the girl who falls" amongst my friends. I thought it was just when I'm drinking (I take a tumble on the sidewalk and lie there like a turtle stuck on it's shell until someone helps me up). But then I started running and fell twice and got bloodied and bruised and everything. I may have a brain tumor. But I will always be happy my eye didnt pop out. Until it does.


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