I dream

jeg drømmer (I dream); mixed media on cradled wood panel; 24 x 18 (x 1.5) inches; painting surface is birch hardwood mounted to a basswood frame

* * * * *

Canadians are dreamers. It's a fact! Nine out of ten Canadians say they would rather dream than be awake. "Real life is a real disappointment," says Brook Farmer, a cattle rancher near Poopshead, Alberta. "I step out my door and what do I see? Cows. Do you know what the stupidest animals in the world are? Cows. So you could say that my entire existence is fenced in with stupidity. And cow shit. So yeah, I'd rather stay in bed." Miriam Castles of Arcadia, Nova Scotia would agree. "Oh heavens, I can't keep count the number of jobs I've lost because I didn't want to interrupt a good dream by getting out of bed," Miriam says. "And even when I do drag myself into work, I spend most of the day just flaking out and daydreaming. That usually gets me fired, too. Thank God for the dole." Scientists report that the dreaming urge is particularly strong in areas of Canada originally settled by Norwegian immigrants. "Their dreams are definitely superior in quality," explains Dr. Eli Dorado of the Xanadu Institute for Emerging Utopias. "I mean, even in their nightmares everyone is blonde and good-looking and at least six feet tall."

* * * * *

This painting is part of the "O Canada, O New England" show I'm having next Saturday with my friend Susan at artstream studios in Rochester, New Hampshire. I'll be posting more throughout this week.


  1. Your post subject (and art) reminds me of this quotation:

    “The dream is a lie, but the dreaming is truth.”

    Robert Penn Warren

  2. This one is my favourite ... so far

  3. Bahahahahaaa! I can't stop reading your posts!


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