in my neighbourhood

New York circa 1919. "Cripples at baseball." Victor Cassiere at left. 5x7 glass negative, George Grantham Bain Collection.

* * * * *
York Street between Cherry and Carlisle is a funny, expressive little block. A few months ago, on our way to daycare, Oona and I came across a front door spray-painted with the words *UCK YOU in red capital letters (the asterisk is mine). Then, just yesterday, and a few doors down, on the street beside the sidewalk, someone had used white paint, a name and a giant arrow to suggest that the occupant of that house was a drug addict. Or DRUG ADDICT. Capital! On the way home, we saw that someone (else) had covered it up with blotchy brown paint. There's always lots of other colour on that street, in the way of shirtless guys falling off their bicycles or hipster-construction guys singing on guitar as they walk home from work or homeless guys who project the smell of something grey and dead and singed around the edges at least half a block ahead.


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