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We watched The King's Speech the other night. It was terrifically well done. Yes, fine and fine. All very sweeping and noble. Helena Bonham Carter even managed to look rather sane. Unfortunately, I found it difficult to muster the required amount of giving-a-shit about a stuttering king who, in real life, managed to underline his irrelevance by championing the appeasement artists of the time (please stand up, Neville Chamberlain). How wonderfully inspiring, too, that the climactic 'speech' of the movie is about Great Britain's declaration of war against Germany -- for invading Poland. Because, you know, the Soviet Union *also* invaded Poland. Two weeks later. No speech on that one. No speech either when the Soviets came back at the end of the war. So I guess it really wasn't about Poland after all. What a crazy war!

Also: there was no Tangerine Dream on the soundtrack.


  1. you're sounding a bit cross - are you ok? Do you need some poison elbow shields?

  2. I do love your new header, I do.

    My parents recommended I see that one but for some reason I didn't have any desire to. huh.

  3. I must be the only person on this planet to have not watched the movie yet!
    Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I haven't seen it either..nor any movie for a while..it is baseball season after all.


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