same as it ever was

A 2010 Lego ad, still building on the '80's.

* * * * *
Staff bbq + fun day yesterday so of course I took a personal day. C and I had lunch, went shopping. I mostly cruised the discount stuff, which can make you a little dizzy (all that failure + cheap plastic).

Seeing what the kids are wearing these days, it got us talking about a few of the things that were verboten when I was in university ...
+ riding a bike (reaction: are you retarded?)
+ shaggy beards (reaction: so, which is it -- are you a hippie, drug dealer or just homeless?)
+ headbands (reaction: seventies/hippie/loser)
+ toques (reaction: nice lid)
+ large dogs (reaction: I can barely feed myself; who the fuck can afford a dog?)
+ smokes (reaction: do you have any?)
+ sandals (reaction: I've obviously stumbled into some kind of hippie matrix here)
+ wire-rimmed sunglasses (reaction: ew, sleazy)
+ backpacks (reaction: seriously, are you retarded?)
C seems to think that people generally look worse these days but I'm not so sure. They seem heavier, certainly. But we were only thinner because we smoked too much and considered beer a meal.

* * * * *
This will be my last post for awhile as I take a break for vacation. Take care, kids.


  1. hello i just came out of my shell.
    hope youve been well.


  2. i miss lego sets where you aren't supposed to build just the one thing pictured on the box. you know? the sets that had simply blocks and no directions.


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