the rules for summer

Not exactly rules per se but we've fallen into a certain kind of weekend routine, one predicated on a simple idea:
avoid bursting into flame.
The sun isn't the enemy -- not exactly -- but C and I are both old enough to treat the dragging afternoon apocalypse with a certain amount of respect and distaste. The irradiated skin, the inside-out boiling, the wobbling and then collapse of one's central nervous system ... all of these things are better left to the kind of people who go shirtless for a (non)living, and can smoke while holding three babies.

So we do our business in the morning. On Saturday it's the park, where the theme for Oona is always the same: Run, please. And she does, mostly from slide to swing to climbing structure to bench to interesting stick to excitable dog to other children, all the time pointing at everything like a traffic cop or a tour guide. Then we go for a winding walk home, hit a yard sale or two, have some lunch, and then a long afternoon nap. On Sundays I go to the studio. I'm there by seven, with a list of things to do and the energy of someone with more plans than talent or time. Right now, at the height of summer, I can usually stay 'til noon-ish before things get too warm, my eyes get too bleary and I need some lunch. If Oona *doesn't* sleep on Sunday afternoon, we'll go swimming -- indoors, at the gym we belong to -- and I'll ask many pointed questions about where all that Oona-energy has gone to when she *doesn't* want to kick or float or even be in the kiddie end.

p.s. And then, finally, a big walloping thunderstorm this morning, even as I drank my coffee and typed this, which ended with me sitting in the dark (the computer has its own battery, mom).


  1. So it's hot there (here we still have to have a small fire in the evenings)? Oona doesn't look like she minds at all.

  2. Oona looks like she'd be a fun wee chicken to hang out with in the park

    I'm partial to weekend naps too :)

  3. She looks like shes having a great time! How warm is it where you guys are?

  4. watch ooonaaaaa grow. =]


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