owly; acrylic inks on Cartiera Favini Letraset paper.

* * * * *

(I would prefer to say 'nauseous' but then C would nearly pee herself trying to correct me fast enough. But 'nauseous' just sounds closer to how it feels, doesn't it?)

Anyway: slightly owly and nauseated today and *very* nauseated last night (was supposed to get groceries -- instead I couldn't get off the couch), bouts of nausea occurring over the last three days, usually in the late afternoon and then dissipating by early evening, except for last night which was awful. I could hear C in the next room, watching Coronation Street and getting drunk.

Actually, she had the same thing on the weekend. So what the hell?

Yesterday on the way home from work there was a certain point where I just had to stop walking and stand there, my mouth filling with spit and the urge to vomit all over the sidewalk.

It reminds of the headaches I had all in a cluster back at the end of May: about ten days of brain pins and nausea arriving in tides, here and there. And then disappearing for good.

My advice? Don't ever get old.


  1. hello im 97year old, am i old?


  2. oh no i cant believe this.
    i missed your giveaway????

  3. where the hell have i been...
    i should stop playing game online.

  4. It's better than the alternative, n'est pas? All the same, a trip to the doctor may be wise.

    The owl is esquisite.

  5. You draw a mean owl.

    We do say nauseous here in Blighty, I think.


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