it's here, I can feel it

That threshold, that point of tipping over -- every summer I say I won't, and then it happens anyway, whereupon I lose all thread of ambition, and any capacity for work. I try to keep some spare thought around, just in case I get inspired (I won't), but even that is heat-addled and lazy.

July has been too hot, too humid, too unrelenting so far. Every day with your face to the open furnace. When every list starts to include 'hat' and 'sunscreen', you know the program has turned oppressive. I go around following thinned alleys of shade. Is this what it's like, to live in Nevada?

For a pedestrian, there are only three kinds of drivers ...
• bad drivers
• bad drivers on cell phones (the attention-deficit equivalent of farting while reciting poetry)
• bad drivers on their way to the mental hospital, having just been told (by cell phone) that their test results came back 'Angry/Retarded'

Yesterday, while walking Oona home from daycare, an elderly couple (British, diminished) with a little girl in the back seat stopped their car at the corner to ask me directions to the new water park. Directly behind them were a pair of kids (anywhere between 13 to 25, I can't tell anymore) on a motorcycle.
GIRL: Holy fuck just go around them already they don't even use their fucking blinkers they're a million fucking years old.
BOY: Holy fuck just shut the fuck up already.
I apologized to the fearsomely stunned old folks and proceeded to give them the wrong directions.

Really, there are only three avenues of relief for the hottest afternoons
• the liquor store -- always super-cooled in there ... plus they have free samples!
• the library ... the air-conditioning is only mid-range but the soiled seats are extra comfy ... plus they have free books!
• reading lost-cat posters ... this is more a personal one.

Still, the last two days have seen some rain and breeze, the mornings fresh and lively and some people even showing up on time, and all play-acting at work-acting can be safely tucked in by eleven. But after lunch it's useless.

* * * * *

All these cigar-tin stories (there are ten, altogether) done as a custom order for a collector, bless her red heart.


  1. All gorgeous tins and your narratives below the photos have me chuckling!

  2. Loving the cigar tin idea whilst envying your warmer weather :)


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