Received my copy of GHOST from the Toronto artist Rebecca Cairns the other day -- a dark little exercise in movement and memory and blank-ceilinged spaces, and another wonderful example of creatives acting for themselves (it's a blurb book). I hope she has great luck with it.

* * * * *
O God are the royals gone yet? Because I don't know if I can bear another pants-peeing sound bite like, Oh, they were SO NICE! And she's SO GORGEOUS! And she said she liked MY DRESS! Really, they were nice? As opposed to what -- spitting blood at people? Telling the crowd that they looked like ants? I mean, have we had other royal visits where they've flown over to scream obscenities and shake gloved fists down at us from the balcony? Have they gone around hitting people with champagne bottles? Because *that* is a tour I would be interested in.


  1. as you know, I'm one of your silent readers, but just had to say how much I loved this post - still smiling - always one of my fav stops in blogland and I truly love your header - there is something so wrong about those two :)

  2. What is it about royal sorts that make people go bonkers? I'm actually glad they, the royals that is, live her because that means most people, being jaded, can't be bothered to talk about them.

    The book looks good.

  3. ooh-that book is fantastic! what a talented photographer~very cool.

    and yeah, the 2nd trip you described-spitting and throwing champagne bottles and such-that is when i come-don't worry-i have my eye on you...

  4. I also would pay to see some interesting 'behaviour' ... all that gloved waving - Pah!

  5. Oooh, I'm gunna use Blurb to make a book tonight. It will be the opposite of GHOST.


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