wisdom, not teeth

I was reading something mindless and fun called "500 Essential Cult Books" and C said, Oh, I've read most of those but you won't know any of them.

Really? I said. Well, how about this one ... "What It Takes to Be #1 : Vince Lombardi on Leadership". Do you know who Vince Lombardi is?

Of course I do, she said. He's a famous band leader.

* * * * *

Some other gems from my wife, lately ...

~ (doing the crossword) I need a four-letter word for a Biblical place, starting with 'e' and ending with 'n'.

~ I didn't know Hank Aaron was black! Are you sure? Because that doesn't sound right.

~ What's 60 divided by 4 again?

~ (filling out the census) When's Oona's birthday again?

* * * * *
Her dad is coming out for a visit this week so – thinking ahead – I got a whack of Oona pictures developed for C to put together in a little photo album for him to take back.

That's too fussy, she said. He won't like that.

Too bad, I said. You're doing it. Just get one of those cheap travel albums from the drugstore and then stuff 'em in, it'll be fine.

Then more than a few days passed.

Have you done that little photo album yet? I asked.

I thought you were doing that, she said.

* * * * *

She's convocating for her Master's degree tomorrow. She might be confused when they no one hands her a green jacket to put on, but it should be a nice day nonetheless.


  1. I didn't know C played golf!?

  2. Wii golf ... but only the Tiger Woods version (she *loves* Tiger Woods).

  3. 'Convocating'?

    C sounds remarkably like my husband, S.

  4. what band is Vince Lombardi in again?

  5. vince lombardi did play trombone. it's a well known fact in certain circles. c is privvy.

  6. As long as Tiger Woods hasn't *loved* C

  7. Love the cartoon!


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