quiet over there ... too quiet

Say ... what's going on in Japan these days? Is it fit for humans again? Or is some atomic Godzilla running a blitz play through millions of fleeing Japanese even as I write this? All this sour-smelling hoo-ha lately -- about elections and ugly hockey and burning coastal cities and blaming anarchists for all our bad behaviour, and hell, I've just completely lost track of what's going on over there in the land of the rising sun. In the meantime, however, I did get this wonderful Mogu Takahashi poster, which was sold as a fundraiser for the Red Cross. Hope it helped. Go Nippon!


  1. It is too quiet. It seems like we only hear anything if the end of the world is approaching. Happy Friday :)

  2. Sorry, I totally intend to send you a postcard back.

    My comment on your poster: はなが黒い。


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