more Oona art

Why am I not referred to by name here? Why am I only "Oona's Daddy"? I AM NOT A NUMBER. I AM A PERSON.

These are the kinds of pictures we are going to get whenever mommy attempts to cook.

High. Obviously: high. I do not understand. Where is she getting the drugs from? She's not even two!


  1. is that a unicorn i see? fantastic.

  2. Ha-ha. very funny and sweet! Enjoy!X

  3. Was she out observing the buffalo before doing the middle one?

    Very paeleolithic

  4. a true artist is born!

  5. can mummy cook more often please?

  6. Holly: it could be. It might also be the cops.

    Anna: Thank you, but on a whole other level it's rather worrying.

    Kaz: There are no buffalo here, only bikers.

    Astra: Either that or a mental patient.

    Lulu: She could, but we'd need more insurance.

  7. True artists start early!

  8. Inspiring...the middle piece looks a bit like Pollock, and I can not help but wonder if he had someone cooking at home.


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