an anniversary, in nine parts

anniversary tiger number 1; India ink on Esselte Letraset paper; 8.5 x 12 inches.

* * * * *

1} Men are so false, so insidious, so deceitful and cunning in their wiles, so avid in their own interest, and so oblivious to others' interests, that you cannot go wrong if you believe little and trust less.
-- Guicciardini

2} On the CBC morning show, they were talking about valedictorians, about the importance of their awarded position, and the voice they have. Did you know that I was valedictorian of my own high school graduating class? Yup; no one else would do it. I didn't want to do it either, but that hardly seemed to matter. I have no memory, no idea what I said.

3} I won a little contest -- a print giveaway from colour + sound. Since I never win anything, this was nearly confusing. But it's sharp artwork and she's a lovely person.

4} Of course, I might not get this artwork for awhile because we're set to have a postal strike soon. I have many minds about this but in the end you can colour me down with it; they have the right to strike and if they choose to do so, good luck.

5} A wee bit too much of the hockey stories in the national news lately. Yes, I get it, there's a Canadian team in the Stanley Cup final. If I was twelve years old, I would be very excited. I also might be old enough to know to keep it to myself, because not everyone cares. Would you like to be stuck in an elevator with six people who talked about nothing but NASCAR?

6} Besides, Vancouver will probably start choking again.

7} Listening to the FIFA story, C and I got talking about which sports were most corrupt. I said soccer/football has always been right up there, on a political/administrative level at least, 'favours' (read: bags of cash) being the unofficial language of business -- although for sheer greed the Olympic committee makes everyone else look like vestal virgins singing background in the Sound of Music. And then sports like baseball and American football dirty up the other side of the coin, where it's the players who are juiced and coked and filthy with lies. So: lots to talk about.

8} Today is my work anniversary; eight years ago I started in my present job. Aside from continuous employment, this is nothing to celebrate. Let's just say that some beginnings are marred by little men with grotesque monster heads.

anniversary tiger number 2; India ink on Esselte Letraset paper; 8.5 x 12 inches.

9} Bruins in six.


  1. Go Tiger!! Happy Anniversary :)

    BTW Did you know the Dalhousie mascot is a tiger? Do you care?

  2. I do care. Tigers are deeply compelling.

  3. i'm jealous of the giveaway. that's right, jealous. but i'll survive.

    this is an odd place to give thanks for kind words but here it shall be. the kind words will be reciprocated in a like fashion. stories spread joy.


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