after all these years we're still watching movies on disks? where are the holograms I was promised? where are my cities of light?

This postal strike/lockout has certainly slowed down our cinematic education at the hands of Zip (at least that's the way C uses it, trying to indoctrinate me into the ways of French New Wave), but here's two decent picks we've seen lately ...

Let the Right One In
This movie has such good bones, and is really quite charming in all the important ways. If only the extra stuff, the supporting stuff -- like all the adult roles -- weren't so godawful, and didn't make me think of a National Film Board production from about 1983. Still, the movie is really about a pair of alienated kids, and how compassion can cross any territory, even beyond the human, and down those main arteries it succeeds very nicely.

A Serious Man
I had some idea but really I had no idea -- that Jews could be so wan and bleak and unsparing and helpless and fatalistic all at once. Oy. And this movie really gets into it. It's all very dispassionate but strangely compelling, with an ending that stuck to me for days. A Coen brother's vehicle.


  1. Thanks for all this!-
    I love the drawing- xx

  2. We get holograms here, in Scotland. They just come out of the mist, electrically. Can be entertaining, can be not.

    I really liked A Serious Man, saw it at the cinema which made it even better.

  3. You're right. But in my opinion there's only one of thousands who's perfectly happy. The other 999 quest for money and affluence and fame and so on.
    But what I mean is when you don't want something, there isn't longer an aim in life. And without any aims in life your will to live dies.


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