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cigar-tin story #105; now in my Etsy shop.

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Someone recently asked me about Etsy -- How are you finding it? they asked, but what they meant was, Should I put my stuff on there? Will it help me sell my stuff? And this is difficult to answer, because while I think it's a good place to put your work -- because it shows well and the interface is functional and quite smart, and it really does approximate an actual 'shop' -- I don't know that it will actually help you sell your work. I mean, it *is* a community, and Etsy offers all sorts of workshops to help you make the most of that community, but I've never had the time to go through them. You have to be committed, I think. Otherwise, you need a clientele going in, something you can expand on as you build and perfect your shop. If you don't have that, and you just throw up a shop and hope for the best (of which I've been guilty in the past), then things will go very quiet very quickly.

One of the great extras about Etsy is the neat stuff you'll find. C just bought a neck pillow for Oona so her head won't snap off when she falls asleep in the car. Bonus! And I've seen so much wonderful work there, like this little book I ordered from Liz Stewart.

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Here are three other shops -- just off the top of my head, apologies to people I'm forgetting -- that you should drop in on ...

art esprit

Everyday Louise

blissful chick

Happy shopping!


  1. Dang! I went over to check on your latest item at etsy and it was SOLD. Good for you. That must be a nice start to your Friday. Also I "favourited" your shop.

    I love etsy. I haven't sold a thing yet, but it's encouraging nonetheless. And it keeps me off the streets. Sort of.

    Just recently discovered your blog and I'm enjoying it. Immensely.

    Melissa (aka Sugarcrack)

  2. I just opened up shop on Etsy and sold something right away..but I think that was a fluke!! I love your tins..

  3. Do you think I could sell my brick-o-matic cooking system on Etsy?

  4. I spend far too much time drooling over things on Etsy I can't afford. But as it's Saturday, and I've put my hours in at the keyboard, I'll just check out those shops. Can't go wrong with a Berger recommendation.

  5. Anonymous1:44 pm

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