stamp collecting is fun! ... or evil

Every so often I'll send my niece Stella a card. Some things that I've been putting in these cards, over the last year or so, are old stamps and coins, taken from a box that C was determined to throw out in one of her infamous purges. So I took it away. As far as I can tell, the coins were collected by her uncles and the stamp collection books were assembled by her and her sister, with a lot of help from their grandfather, who was a postmaster. Sending these things to Stella, bit by bit, is just my way of adding some fun to our somewhat limited exchanges (How are you? How is school? I heard you like Bruce Lee, and so on), with the idea that she's starting her own collection, this special thing that might be valuable some day (and in a way it *is* special, because how many kids collect stamps or coins these days?).

And then I came across *this* page in the stamp book.

Whoops. I think I'll keep these ones back. Maybe C has some other childhood things, for a new collection, like a Goebbels squeeze doll or a chocolate bust of Goering or something.


  1. I used to collect stamps - never did anything with them! Lately I find myself saving stamps again, mainly because they are becoming a bit of a rarity - and some of them are so pretty!!

    Will you frame them - or make *art* with them?

  2. I think a collage is in order!!! I keep pretty stamps, I also pick horses at the races based on how pretty they I will never be rich.

  3. reminds me of my friend Matt's stamp blog..

    I think you'll be amused.

  4. Very cool! I have a small box full, I go through them now, and again, to use for collage. I purchased them from a yard sale a few years back.

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