maybe now my mom will return my calls

Look who made their university alumni magazine! And it wasn't for arson or tax fraud!

Oh sure, Dr. Carolyn Shields, class of '91, I suppose they gave you a *lovely* corner office as new dean of education at Wayne State. And I'm sure it feels very nice for you as well, Ms. Janice Michael (class of '92), to hand out your shiny new business cards with your CGA designation. And maybe it is gratifying for you, Mr. Paul Dutton ('93), to receive an Academy Award nomination for your work on a major Hollywood movie. But please -- you haven't really made it until you've published a collection of crazy, crazy short stories that make people either laugh or wince.

Finally I can burn my Sunday School certificates for perfect attendance!


  1. Not that *we* care what anybody else thinks . . . . but it is nice to see your name in print, especially an alumnae publication. Wonder how many old college buddies will now want to friend you.

    BTW Who hoo - you rock, DJ!!

  2. 1992... I was entering 2nd grade. That must be why you are so much wiser than me. I forgot how really old you are.

  3. sweet I love when that happens!!!

  4. Let us know what she says when she does


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