the rest of us starving; india ink on math paper, 9.25 x 6.25 inches.

* * * * *

Spring is here so there are many magical things about, trenches of mud steeped in rotting garbage and a forecast for snow tonight. Other signs of spring I've seen of late ...

+ A fellow strolling home around suppertime, in work boots and construction coveralls, playing the guitar as he went. Just walking along, playing that guitar, like some kind of Maritime hipster.

+ An oversized black 4x4 with the words "Night Rider" emblazoned across the tail gate. In a serif typeface, no less.

+ A woman who -- I swear to God -- could have been Dog the Bounty Hunter's twin sister. Too tanned, too oily, too wrapped in her sunglasses. She peeled away in a PT Cruiser with squeaking brakes.

+ A bison skull mounted on the front of an SUV.

+ A man lecturing his mother about "getting too loaded" at night. She looked over at Oona and I as we passed by. "I don't mind if you get a little loaded," he said, "but not too loaded." I could almost hear Oona scratch down a mental note, for the day when she'll have the same little talk with her own mom.

+ A Greek restaurant in Napanee that was so startlingly out of time that I thought I had died and gone back to 1981: leather padding across the front of the bar, metal-framed chairs with slightly ripped seats, faux-wood table top, old coffee in a chipped mug, cloth towel dispenser (illegal now, I think) and everywhere, everywhere those gold-framed pictures of ... stuff. Still, the Spanish omelette was good.


  1. Spanish omelets at a greek restaurant? Love the loaded mother one..BTW love the bird drawing

  2. I've seen that guy walking and playing the guitar. I think he's trying too hard.


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